The Advantages of the Defensive Driver

All my life, whenever I am on the road, I have given an extra effort to be what they term to as a defensive driver. I make sure that my auto insurance is updated and that my bills are paid on time. To be invisible to the eyes of car thieves, I purchased a non sports car but a handy and sturdy one. I have also installed security devices such as anti-theft device not only for protection but to be able to avail of certain discounts. Same is true when you have installed safety discounts in your car.

I also attended several defensive driving courses during my free time (it¡¯s not the usual 8-hour-one-man-talk seminar, I tell you). This really helped boost my driving record a lot. A colleague of mine, who happen to work in a car insurance company, advised me to increase my deductible so that I can reduce on my premium and since I can afford it, I did as advised and am now bearing the fruits of my labor. Another thing I can suggest that will surely make a difference with the way potential insurers view your insurance policy is to never drink and drive and avoid too many speeding tickets.

It has been a habit of mine to practice the things mentioned above whenever I drive. Now, I can say that I have a good driving history to back me up in case I get to be involved in a vehicular accident. To top all these, I have low auto insurance quotes. My monthly bills from my auto insurance do not bother me anymore. Unlike before, I used to cringe every time the bill gets to our door because I know it would take a big chunk off my monthly salary. But instead of running away from my responsibility, I found ways. Over time, I have tried to be at my best every time I hit the road and, I witnessed how my auto insurance quote rate get lower in time.


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