Love From My Heart

In the wind, I  hear,
Your sweet, sweet voice forever dear.
But don’t worry, you need not fear,
Because I am, and always will be near.

It is you, whom I always think of,
I do believe you are God’s gift to me from above.
You are as caring to me like a dove,
It is you whom, I always always will love.

An arrow struck my heart from Cupid s bow,
It is from you, of this I know.
With our combined love, we dispel all foes,
So don’t worry, because with you I will always go.

Without your love, I cannot bear,
To bereave your love, I shall never dare.
Since it is you, for whom, I only care,
I leave you a gift, a lock of my hair.

I know our love is greater than the sea,
Because this, this poem is written for you.
You have the heart and I have the key,
When the heart and key combine, you and I become we.

Being with you is the best part of my life,
Caressing your love brings my heart unending blithe.
Therefore, for us I strive,
For us to bond, and for you to become my wife.


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